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Advantages of an Electric scooter

With the rising prices of fuel and increase in the concern of global warming and the environment, electric scooters are in great demand. Electric vehicles are the future face of the global vehicle industry. Electric powered scooters are a lifestyle choice and in addition, it is good to know that you will not play a role in the pollution problem our planet is facing today.

Electro Wheelz

Low Running Cost

  • The fuel prices of running an electric scooter is a fraction of running a petrol driven scooter.
  • The running cost of an electric scooter comes to round 10paise per km. Electric machines enjoy an enormous fuel cost advantage.

Easy to Recharge

  • You can plug one end of the charger into a standard electrical socket to recharge the electric scooter.

Low maintenance cost

No Road tax

  • The low speed electric scooter models which are CMVR is exempted from registration and roadtax.

No License required

  • The maximum speed of a low speed electric scooter is 25km/hr, therefore the driver does not require any license for driving the same.

No Pollution

  • As these vehicles run with the help of battery power there is no pollution of toxic gases and also no noise pollution.

New Stylish Bikes


As electric transportation technology continues to advance, more electric scooters and LEVs (light electric vehicles) are making their way to the trails and roads of the Indian markets. The electric power train constitutes the brushless dc motor, controller, battery and the charger.

Brushless DC MOTOR

The design and construction of the motor lends itself to many applications having modest power-to-weight ratios, good energy efficiency, and still relatively affordable. This motor is a rare earth permanent magnet radial flux type. Brushless dc motors can often run for years without the need for any maintenance. Brushless motors are generally maintenance-free and their failure rates are very low.


Controller is a type of microprocessor responsible for power delivery between the battery and the motor.


We are using sealed maintenance free VRLA batteries of our vehicles. The specification of battery we use in our vehicle is the 48V20Ah and 60V20h.As a recent development LiFepo4 batteries are also used which has a longer life than the VRLA type.


48 Volt 2.5 Amp (48V 2.5A) charger is used for our range of electric scooter. There are two colour LED indicator lamp which glows red when charging and green when charging is complete. This is an automatic battery charger which turns itself off when the charging cycle is complete to prevent overcharging and it is fan cooled.

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