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Welcome to ElectroWheelz

Electrowheelz is the first company to manufacture electric scooters in Kerala with a focus on producing high quality and reliable electric vehicles. The company started production of its first model in 2010 and has gained the mindshare of customers. Attention to detail and a real desire to improve reliability led to the development of the new range of electric scooters which were directly competing with the their petrol counterparts. Electric scooters are not only zero emission, but are also road tax free, affordable to buy, and very cheap to run and maintain. They remain the ideal travel solution for commuters, students and delivery drivers.


  • Electrowheelz aims to be the leader in the electric vehicle industry by developing eco-friendly smart transport solutions.


  • Creating innovative and distinctive products and services that appeal to consumers. Positioning, promoting and further developing the market and our brands to offer the consumer the most complete range of options possible.
  • Developing and supporting the professional retail trade in their sales to consumers.
  • Organic volume growth by increasing the market share of our brands and the realization of revenue growth through the introduction of desirable, innovative, high-value and superior quality products, by making a significant investment in R&D.
  • Gaining complementary business through market opportunities to realize further growth.
  • Investing in the skill and know-how of our employees.
  • Operating with the greatest possible consideration for people and the environment.

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